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Post author: Arianna
Post date: Dec 14 2010
Post category: Freeware
bosch divar control center software download windows 7
Bosch Divar Control Center Software Download Windows 7.com is a college textbook buyback and purchase site that claims to let you sell and buy books at fair prices. We've never used the site before, so we can't vouch for that, but we can at least vouch for the iPhone app. And, well, we didn't get very far with it. Once installed, we launched the Bosch Divar Control Center Software Download Windows 7 app. We were greeted with a main screen that asked us to supply a personal identification number. At the bottom of the screen was a Live Help number, as well as menu buttons: Search, Appointment, Saved Books, and Calculator. We had no idea where to even find a PIN, so we went to the Web site to see if we had to create an account to get one. We spotted a sign-up form under the Affiliate tab, but nowhere to get a PIN, and we didn't want to supply any of our personal information for something we weren't sure was c
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