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Post date: Jan 3 2009
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sony hdr-sr11 driver
A couple of seconds of dodging the enemy fire and your life meter is once again filled. Also it won't get depleted that easily, so the game can be considered fairly easy to play. Controls are incredibly tough to master, even if you've played Red Steel for hours and the swordplay is not as good as I expected it to be. The AI is unpredictable and still pretty dumb, but he'll slice you up a few times. There are 8 basic moves to be done with the sword, including parry moves, vertical and horizontal slices. I loved one thing about the combat sequences that involved the use of katana blades: the blow deflections. If you anticipated your enemy's blow right, you could deflect his hit and unbalance him. Such an action would make him extremely vulnerable and I could catch the foe of-guard after the unbalacing. Well, everything is fairly good with this game as long as we don't tap this topic. Clearly NFS ProStreet deserves a big, fat minus as far as the visual experience goes. Had this been an earlier PS2 title (say 2003 or 2004) we'd still count the graphics as bad. Car models look terribly simple - they're like toy cars, while edges and curves are as pixelated as pixelated gets. More than that, damage to the cars is practically non-existent, as mentioned above. Sure the game will notify you that you've experienced heavy damage, should you directly hit an obstacle at high speed, but pressing triangle to take a look behind will reveal a clean front end of the car with only a cracked windshield and maybe, just maybe, some smoke coming from underneath the hood. Don't even try playing this game on an LCD widescreen TV, the visual quality will only be worse. Mainly, whatever type of screen you're playing on, there's a lot of aliasing and poor frame rates to be dealt with. Link is a funny name for a main character, but who dares to make fun of Mario, for example? If you played Sony Hdr-sr11 Driver of Time, you might want to know that the events in Twilight Princess happen a hundred years later. Link is a blond fellow who lives in the Ordon Village and takes care of the villagers' goats. No one would predict that a thin boy like him would be the savior of this realm, considering his shyness and looks. He was chosen to deliver the Ordon Sword to the Hyrule Castle as a gift and the boy hopes that one day he will meet prin
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