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Indeed, playing in anything other than a big living room or garage is not recommended, since you're probably not going to have enough space to move around properly, and if the ball slips out of your hands, you're going to break grandma's prized china. You also probably don't want to play this when your neighbors are home if you live in an apartment building, unless you want them to hate you forever. That said, the game does work on carpeted floors--the ball just needs a little extra oomph when you dribble--and you can always play barefoot if you want to reduce sneaker squeal. Even ignoring quick-time events, button prompts are the rule rather than the exception. Capcom drops in so many set piece moments that they lose their luster. Good set pieces--that is, large scale events with major visual punch and limited interactivity--punctuate gameplay, rather than replace it. Here, they constantly disrupt the gameplay, and a few types of set pieces emerge as clear developer favorites. One such type is the "run toward the camera" bit, in which you hold a button to sprint toward the camera, and press buttons to leap over obstacles or slide under them. It takes a special talent to make such sequences work, but no such talent is demonstrated here; the camera constantly changes position, which destroys the flow of both the controls and the visuals. One concern you might have is whether the game is stable, and while the answer is a solid "yes," there have been some issues during the launch phase, such as trading post problems, glitched world events, scripted moments that can get you stuck in a monster's geometry, and a few other oddities. But these aren't defining moments, and many have been cleaned up hastily, allowing the incredible exploration and thrilling player-versus-player combat to command attention. There's so much more that could be said about Guild Wars 2--the branching story paths, the keg brawl minigame, crafting at the mystic forge--and that says a lot about the breadth and depth of this online world. Tyria isn't just a place you should visit; it's the place you should call your new online home. Each campaign mission presents four challenges to overcome in order to unlock extra weaponry, and striving to achieve them is a good way to keep things more interesting. You have to tweak your arsenal to pull some of them off, or just bring a few friends along to help your cause. In fact, some seem to all but require additional human players, and you can have up to three online teammates. Coordinating sync shots and advancing on enemies is more enjoyable with a human crew, and there's also a horde mode in which you (and up to three friends) must defend an outpost from waves of enemies. Escalating weapon loadouts, wave perks, and a variety of gear help you make your stand as things get tougher, and the higher waves pose a stiff challenge to even the sharpest ghosts. On the field of battle, the ghosts try to emulate their namesakes, moving silently with the aid of slick optical camouflage that dissolves if you jog, sprint, or fire your weapon. Staying stealthy is often a mission requirement, and even when it isn't, avoiding detection gives you a distinct advantage. It's easy to maneuver unseen, and you spend a lot of time silently eliminating foes. Stealth melee kills and suppressed weapons are your basic tools, but the key mechanic is the sync shot. Spotting enemies through your scope or tagging them from aloft with your aerial drone, you can designate up to four targets for you and your squad to eliminate in one fell swoop. To execute, simply open fire on your own target, or issue the command with a press of the right bumper. Guild Wars 2's reimagining of so many role-playing standards has a downside: the game does a mediocre job of introducing you to its new way of thinking. Generic tips appear in your hints menu, but these aren't adequate teaching tools; playing Guild Wars 2 successfully means shedding preconceived notions and learning a new approach. But there's a lot
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