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But on other missions, enemy reinforcements appear from off the screen, even after you've captured all of their production platforms. It really stinks to find yourself fighting off forces after taking all of the production facilities. And one mission proves the futility of most escort scenarios: you escort civilians in Chinese junks away from your vengeful mentor after a betrayal. In this case, the junks stop at every platform on your escape path, unfurling their sails. Why do they stop? It makes no sense for them to stop, especially if they're trying to evade a well-equipped foe--other than to provide an artificial challenge. Regardless of how you choose to take them on, each of Dreamland's themed worlds holds a handful of beautifully designed stages filled with colorful environments that are loaded with playful personality. There's a good level of variety from one area to the next, and despite the fact that you travel familiar terrain, the obstacles change up at a steady pace to keep things from getting stale. Secret areas and branching paths also frequently appear, giving ample incentive to revisit stages to grab all the loot. Aside from the main ship parts you must track down, there are tons of gears tucked away in the nooks and crannies of each area. Grabbing these hard-to-acquire items unlocks special stages, minigames, and bonus content to explore on the downed spacecraft. Item-specific challenges test your abilities with the game's various powers in timed runs through obstacle courses. Other unlockable minigames, like Scope Shot, Ninja Dojo, and The Arena, also offer some light diversions for solo or competitive play. There's a lot of ground to cover and a good amount of replay packed into this adventure. Each mode is backed by an excellent set of routines, which are expertly choreographed and look fantastic. The range of moves on offer is staggering, from simple slides and claps to dramatic twists and booty shakes that wouldn't look out of place in a modern music video. If there's anything bad to be said about the routines, it's that they're a tad too serious, lacking the goofy attitude that makes routines in games like Just Asus P5945gc Driver 3 so much fun. A staggered difficulty level ensures you can have a good time regardless of your ability level, though. Progressing from easy to medium and the
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