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One good reason you should use such a device is because Fist Puncher maps a defensive roll to the right analog stick. You can spam that move as your character dodges out of the way of any attack or bad situation that might come his or her way. If you're looking for something different, or even really, really different, Zeno Clash II might just fit the bill. You won't find this sort of art design anywhere else except in the first game and on old psychedelic album covers from the '70s. But the gameplay remains a letdown, and the few refinements and changes don't build anything significant atop the original game's "Hulk smash!" mindset. This, plus the off-putting way that Zeno Clash II tosses you onto an ice floe in the middle of a sea of insanity, where you can't identify with the characters, understand the plot, or even figure out exactly what or where you are, makes it easier to appreciate the game's crazy attitude than to actually enjoy the act of playing it. The buildings of that 1893 exposition were part of an area known as The White City, and here, too, Columbia lives up to the name of its inspiration--not just in the whiteness of its buildings, but in the whiteness of its racial structure. At a key early moment, you confront the festering illness corrupting this porcelain-white culture, where anyone whose skin is not the ideal color is ostracized and enslaved. You also confront one of BioShock Infinite's many core mysteries: What is the nature of the brand on Booker's hand? In Columbia, the brand is a mark of the false shepherd, this culture's version of the Christian Antichrist and the 666 that marks him. Identified as a prophesied fiend, Booker has no choice but to run. Fortunately, there are several mechanisms in place to ensure that your first death is never your last. If you're venturing through the world as a newbie and you've fallen in battle, after death, you're immediately transported to the spirit realm, in which enemies are still free to roam and ravage you. You must wander around, defenseless, until you can reach the nearest shrine, where you can attempt to revive yourself. When you happen upon a special dark angel statue, there's a percentage that indicates your chances of being resurrected. If you die additional times, this percentage shrinks, until your only hope is to shell out Sony Station Cash (read: real money) or items from your inventory to tip the odds in your favor. Where you might be inclined to push forward, going back may open up a new set of options. Jumping headfirst into a chasm might normally spell death, but here it is a means of exploring areas that are seemingly out of reach. There are no set rules to how these rooms are connected or how they interact with one another, which makes wrapping your head around the game's most wild ideas a stiff but inherently satisfying mental challenge. If you get stuck, your only option is to mull over each puzzle, and keep trying until you get it right. What little help you receive comes in the form of cryptic clues and illustrations scrawled onto walls that kick-start the thought process rather than give you direct hints about each puzzle. Much has already been made of Mass Effect 3's controversial finale, so you should note that the Special Edition incorporates the Extended Cut ending, which closes some holes left open when the game was originally released on other platforms. And even if you feel ambivalent toward its ending, Mass Effect 3 is hardly lacking in memorable moments. The choices you make during story scenes using the game's dialogue wheel have dramatic implications, and entire quests, conversations, and characters shift as a result of your actions. Other consequences are less sweeping but still emotionally affecting; a lover might fondly recall her previous entanglement with you, while still supporting your new romantic interest, for instance. The Wii U version of Darksiders II may suffer from some additional technical hitches, but this vast adventure is so absorbing, it's still easy to lose yourself in its oppressive world. And what a world it is, with architecture so sharp that every spire threatens to puncture the heavens and make them bleed. Y
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