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To be a minigame or not to be? Forget I said "mission" and let's say that sniping zero AI terrorists is closer to a whack-a-mole game than an action game. If the above detracts from the realism of the game, the Euphoria engine adds a lot of realism. Try getting hit by a big car to see what I mean. No fall is the same and no running sequence looks like another one. It's pretty impressive and, even if not all the movement in the game is handled by Euphoria, it really adds to the immersion element. The drunk sequences, and especially drunk driving, should be strong enough to put some youngsters out there off drinking and driving. Parody is the middle name of the game, as EA's title manages to gather all famous titles from the last years in a big pile and mock them all. We're dealing with a 3D action-adventure platformer that allows playing as Bart, Lisa, Homer or Marge as you enter the world of GTA, Medal of Honor, Shadow of the Colossus and even God of War. However, they're not the gaming cults we've known so far, as they feature one or more of the four above-mentioned characters messing things up. As for the background soundtrack and environmental sounds, I can honestly say that you won’t be paying too much attention to them as you’ll be more focused on dodging cars in traffic and keeping an eye on the evil clock that’s slowly counting down. Still, it’s fun to hear people as they curse you when you’re about to run them over and the angry car horns that seem to reflect the embodiment of all curse words (if you have a driver’s license, you know what I’m talking about). You can go head to head against other players in a time trial mode, where you race the ghost of your opponent. This goes to prove that racing is a single-competitor sport after all. 8 players can join in for a whole championship and collect points or eat dirt while the winner makes it to the hall of fame. There's also a party mode that involves more players and a single controller. Get the best time and pass the PSP around to the ones that feel they're up to the challenge. If I invited my friends over for a golf party they would think I'm crazy. Or maybe I'll call seven of them with their PSP-s to play a multiplayer game. There are the versus mode to be exploited, the tournaments, the hall of fame to be checked out. You'll brag about your achievements till a colleague of yours puts (or maybe putts) shame on you. It might be funny at some point to check up each player's level-ups. Told you that the game has a little RPG evolution system in it! The sound is just perfect for this kind of game, filled with merry songs and funny sounds. Daxter's childish and daring voice is worth all the money. The cute rodent makes a funny sound as he walks and the weapons all have a nice ring to them. When driving the scooter you'll hear the different stages of the engine heating up or accelerating. The game is filled with buzzes, ding-dings, bams, whams and all sorts of sounds. The music is well crafted and fun for this fun game. Let's call this a martial arts RPG, one with excellent atmosphere and feeling. It's all there : rice plantations, pagodas, tatami, legends, clothing. What's all this talk about bugei and kenpu? You'll hear about this two throughout the game. Bugei are the scrolls that teach the player the abilities he can use and kenpu are the tiles you can fit in the scrolls. Shinbu will be equipped not only with his sword, but also many bugei scrolls that unlock pretty nice sword skills. Locoroco is the Half Life of shooters, the Need for Speed of racing and the Red Alert of strategy. Despite what some might think, I'm not wearing a white jacket with sleeves tied to my back and I'm not on any medication. This simple arcade (although calling it just a simple arcade is almost an insult) is simply mind-numbing.
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