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It is a quite extensive document that you must agree to before continuing with the program. It is fairly rare to encounter these agreements in applications and feels disconcerting. Once we agreed to the terms, the program force-closed on our Acer Iconia. We couldn't get it to work on this device even after repeated attempts, so we tested it on a Galaxy Nexus instead, and it finally worked. The device was scanned using the simple user interface. The application found a virus during the extremely fast scan. An offer was then made to eliminate the threat, but first you must pay for the removal feature upgrade. When we tested the same device with another, well-known program, it found no problems. The device tested has not had any symptoms of malware or viruses. It is inconclusive as to whether the problem really existed. The download of the main application goes pretty quickly and easily, but it's also followed by a pretty large download from an outside source. This external download is for the content of the dictionary, and comes in both text and audio files. While testing SpanishDict we noticed that it takes up quite a bit of memory, too. The application layout is clean, easy to read, and easy to use. It features a simple translation window that helps you interpret words or phrases. There is also a game mode that will allow you to challenge your knowledge. You are also able to listen to your translations to make sure your pronunciation is correct. We realized the main drawback of this program when we went to listen to our music collection on another application. Because the audio files are in a simple MP3 format, the music player recognizes them, and your music collection will be riddled with thousands of Spanish words. This is very inconvenient and should be improved. Furthermore, when the user uninstalls the software, the MP3 files remain. They must be deleted manually. The front interface of the app gives you four main options: Play, Store, More Games, and Settings. When you go to the Play option, you will be introduced to another interface that shows levels and how many guesses you need to unlock each new level. You start, of co
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