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serif pageplus x3
We can't really say whether Broken Serif Pageplus X3 Fixer works to automatically repair broken shortcuts, as it gives no indication of whether or not it's done, so we tried to test this feature by intentionally breaking a shortcut and moving its target to another location, but it turned up in the list of irreparable ones. The program has no Help file, so any questions we had about its operation went unanswered. Overall, we were pleased with Broken Serif Pageplus X3 Fixer's ability to locate broken shortcuts, but we're not sure that it's really capable of fixing them. The program's interface is plain and easy to navigate, with category headers across the top. The wallpapers are organized around nine themes: animals, beach, sunsets, landscapes and nature, babes (not to be confused with babies), cities, plants, digital, and mixed. There are 1,131 wallpapers total, and each one is available in six different sizes: three wide-screen and three full-screen. The program provides thumbnail previews of the wallpapers. Once you've found one you like, simply click on the appropriate size to download it and set it as your desktop background. Unlike some other programs, Wallpaperload Free Wallpapers won't automatically change your wallpapers for you or let you manage a collection of wallpapers you already have. It's really just a way to preview wallpapers that are available for download on Wallpaperload.de. But the wallpapers there are all high-resolution and attractive, so they're definitely worth a look. The program is a good way to have a lot of options handy when you're ready for a change. There's no Help file, but the program doesn't really need one, either. The program's interface is plain and doesn't offer a lot of direction for new users. A tabbed Autoplay Serif Pageplus X3 screen lets users view the installed Autoplay handlers for audio and video files, audio CDs, DVDs, blank discs, images, and mixed content. Users can modify, remove, and erase handlers from each of these manually. The program also has a tool that lets users disable Autoplay entirely for specific drives. All of this was fairly intuitive, but the autorun cleanup didn't make a whole lot of sense; it displayed a list of Registry entries with check boxes next to them, and the only instructions were to "use drag and drop to add new entries into different sections." We did like the fact that Autoplay Repair can create a backup before you go tinkering with your Registry entries, which is always a good idea, but the complete lack of instruction or documentation is problematic for users who haven't used this kind of software before. Overall, we think that Autoplay Repair can be a useful tool for those who are being bugged by invalid Autoplay entries, but it needs to be used with caution. Spybot's portable application installer (.paf) can save the program's executable to virtually any directory, including a USB thumbdrive. Spybot's interface consists of a two-paned main window and a navigation sidebar accessing the program's main features: the main Serif Pageplus X3 & Destroy tool, a Recovery tool, an Immunize feature that protects Web browser, and Update and Donations buttons. Before we initiated a scan, we clicked the Help button, which not only offered a good manual but also a tutorial that walks new users through the program's various steps, complete with illustrations. Under Serif Pageplus X3 & Destroy, we clicked Serif Pageplus X3 for Problems. The scan is thorough and took several minutes; it turned up some minor issues that we could check out by expanding the scan display's tree view. We selected those items we wanted to remove and clicked Fix selected problems, which Spybot did after double-checking our wishes. The Immunize tool adds sites known to be bad to your browser registry's Restricted Zone, if you're running IE or Opera. It blocks such sites from running executable code on your system. Color Cop appears as a tiny box that floats on top of your Web page. You can minimize the box while you browse, but it stays on top of your viewing area when maximized. The interface includes an RGB value breakdown as well as its corresponding hexadecimal triplet value. Boxes display the colors as you hover over them with either the eyedropper tool or the magnifier. Despite Serif Pageplus X3 Cop's simple appearance, it actually took us a minute or two to
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