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the dead charlie higson
The screen is split into two sections that are supposed to be devoted to each node, yet the same information is present on both sides. We entered several different birth dates to see if this was always the case, and it was. Although the analysis was fairly detailed, presenting the exact same passage of text twice did not impress us. The program did not have any other features or options, and the online Help file only addressed the program's basic functions. The program's interface is plain, with a keypad at the bottom and the graph paper-style display on top. The keypad can be turned off if users prefer to use their keyboards for input instead. Despite the graph paper appearance, this is not a graphing calculator; it can only handle basic arithmetic. The Dead Charlie Higson does have some pretty comprehensive memory features, and it lets you view the contents of the memory in a separate pane, which is handy. We also liked the fact that users can cut, copy, and paste their work, making it easy to delete certain portions or transfer their computations to another document. The ability to adjust precision and rounding settings is a nice touch, as is the fact that users can change fonts and font sizes. The program comes with an HTML Help file that is surprisingly comprehensive. Overall, The Dead Charlie Higson didn't totally knock our socks off, but it's a decent calculator and would be especially helpful for users who do intensive memory work in their calculations. The program's interface is surprisingly basic, consisting of only words and definitions. This is actually good, because the online Help file's instructions do little to illuminate the program, so we had to learn ourselves. Fortunately, this took almost no time, and we were working through the dictionary in a few seconds. MB Dream Dictionary is simply a gazette of hundreds of dream-related terms, listed in alphabetical order. We were able to scroll quickly through terms ranging from Aeroplane Crash to Zipper and everything imaginable in between. The definitions helped illuminate what these symbolic objects or events might mean in our dreams by communicating in simple language that used no unintelligible jargon. MB Dream Dictionary also features an excellent The Dead Charlie Higson function that lets you avoid scrolling through all the terms: You simply type in a specific dream word. The program had a very simple layout, but it rewarded us with fascinating insight into the world of our dreams. The program's interface is basic and intuitive. Users type or paste the text they want to analyze into a text box, click the Analyze button, and the analysis shows up in another text box. The program suggests alternatives when word choices are too "wordy," identifies use of the passive voice, and gives other suggestions to make users' writing more clear. Writers can also run a spell check on their writing with the program. RightWriter's Help file comes as a PDF and gives clear instructions for the program's use. Although we thought that the program's suggestions were helpful, we were disappointed that it's not possible for users to customize the rules that the program uses in its analysis. For examp
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