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The TBS component of the game challenges your strategy skills even more than before as the map gets a lot bigger. And here comes another interesting part. The same as with the bridge operator, a crew's specialty once chosen cannot be undone. Furthermore, it does not add nor retain from its skill points instantly but modifies their "learning abilities". In this sense, a German sailor learns abilities such as accuracy, reload, engine and fighter at a higher rate than any other, while Japanese sailors are more open minded towards flying bombers and manning torpedo launchers. Mutatis mutandis, a gunner will improve only in his accuracy and reload attributes whereas all the others are neglected, thus suffering severe penalties in time (note: with each level gained). So let's stick with static objects. Know that if you do not own a kick-ass graphic card (Nvidia 6600 and above, or ATI x1000 series) that does not support HDR (High Dynamic Range), you have lost about 50% of the beauty of Oblivion (but know that the game works just fine even on some very old graphic cards like ATI 9000). Without it, the fairy-tale atmosphere is completely lost. It is the difference between a joyful, clear spring day and the depressive autumn days. HDR is a form of lighting effect that dynamically alters depending of how it interacts with various objects and surfaces, as well as the environment in which the light source is portrayed. To sum it up, Factions and Nightfall bring four new characters to the existing six, a whooping 67% improvement, revitalizing what came to be a stagnant evolution in the history of Guild Wars. Scythes and spears are expected to be new weapon additions, as well as armor types for each class. Nightfall will be a standalone expansion too and will not require previous installments. A new campaign will introduce players to the many new skills and the countless adventures will furthermore spark interest in Guild Wars. Reportedly any Nightfall characters that you create in this free preview can be used later when the final version ships to stores this fall. What can I say? The game sounds good. It could have been better but as lo
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