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Fail to get a high mark, and you automatically set off down the easier path, so it takes time and practice to become proficient enough to embark on the harder levels. Street Fighter X Tekken is a 2D fighter with two-on-two combat. Each side is in control of two fighters and can swap between them on the fly. Players can even team up cooperatively and fight on the same team, just like in last year's Mortal Kombat. This means up to four players can take part in a fight. However, when one fighter on a team is knocked out, that team loses the round--regardless of how much health the remaining fighter has. Therefore, you must treat your two fighters as one unit. There are numerous ways to switch between your fighters, and mastering good synergy between them is the key to building devastating combos and winning matches. More than just a loose collection of oddball music minigames soaked in Japanese-tinged strangeness, Rhythm Heaven Fever is a thoughtful, cohesive package that's well suited for the Wii. It's a reminder of how inspired and fun the rhythm genre can still be when you step outside of the pine box into which the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises hammered a few too many nails. Fever has its shortcomings, but it makes up for its minor flaws with originality, quirkiness, and addictive gameplay. Moments of laughter at the insane onscreen antics and involuntary humming along to the diverse tunes are pleasant side effects of this wild musical minigame ride. It's not often a child goes on a quest to rescue his goldfish, much less the other way around. The original Flipper for DSiWare was about the former; Flipper 2 throws the titular goldfish Flush into a robot suit (reminiscent of the suit worn by Earthworm Jim) and has him saving his owner. This is done by making your way through castles filled with traps and monsters using a single button. In this way, Flush the Goldfish mixes the popular one-button simplicity of recent mobile hits like Jetpack Joyride with some of the crazy randomness of WarioWare, but unfortunately, the result isn't quite as addictive or entertaining as the games that inspired it. What if you lived in a world where robots were as prevalent as humans? You'd see them every day--in the street, at your workplace, in the coffee shop--made to mimic the human figure but easily identifiable as machines. But what if the gap narrowed to the point where human and humanlike robot were indistinguishable to the naked eye? The soldiers in Binary Domain have dedicated themselves to preventing such a world. It's a familiar futuristic trope, and much about this third-person cover-based shooter is familiar. But if you probe past the humdrum fundamentals, Binary Domain reveals some intriguing elements that boost its appeal beyond the ordinary. If you're stealthy enough, you can achieve a Zen-like state of sneakiness, for lack of a better word. Should you fail to move undetected, alerting the enemy to your presence initia
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