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Weird and wonderful creatures fly, dance, and sing their way through a world brought to life by beautiful handcrafted visuals, engaging point-and-click puzzles, and delightful music. Botanicula's story is as imaginative as its visuals, telling the tale of five creatures inhabiting a tree created by a falling star. It's a fine tree, one that's rich with a glowing life force, making it immensely attractive to a group of hungry parasites that seek to dine upon it. As those parasites begin their vicious devouring, the five friends find themselves thrown into a battle to save their home and the lives of its other inhabitants. But they aren't heroes; they're just creatures with noble intentions that are trying their hardest to help. Besides which, they are but an acorn, a mushroom, a twig, a seed, and a feather--hardly the most intimidating of groups to the towering, spiderlike parasites. None of the various actions you perform are particularly thrilling on their own, but Fable: The Journey maintains your attention through smart pacing. Fighting a group of hollow men is hard work, and you're liable to be tired after whipping fireballs for a few minutes. Thankfully, just when you're aching for relief, the game switches to something else. Smoothly drifting between riding, fighting, grooming, puzzle solving, and storytelling tickles different parts of your brain, keeping you focused without any scene overstaying its welcome. Feel free to stretch out lazily during a cutscene and then sit upright when the action resumes, grabbing the imaginary reins once more as you set off on another quest. That's not to say the gameplay isn't enough to keep you entertained--far from it. Mortal Kombat makes a return to the single-plane 2D fighting that the series is known for, albeit with 3D models in place of digitised sprites. Your goal is to knock out your opponent using a range of kicks, punches, and special moves, such as knife throws, acid spit, and fireballs. You can chain moves together to perform combos, and also juggle your opponents by knocking them into the air and following up with additional attacks. Pulling off such moves is tricky, but things are made a little easier with a stripped back control scheme that harks back to the simple controls of the arcade originals, albeit with some tweaks. It's a lot of fun to take in the sights, but the magic of Trials lies in the racing. The simplistic controls belie a wealth of complexity, and as you take on tougher and tougher tracks, you find more challenges and more thrills. Big jumps and loop-the-loops provide a heady rush, but the sweetest satisfaction comes from nailing the transitions between elements, surmounting tricky obstacles, and flying through the course faster and faster each time you play it. Success earns you medals and money, allowing you to unlock new outfits and more advanced tracks. Though mastering difficult tracks and improving your personal times are satisfying endeavors, some of the best thrills come from beating your friends. Interspersed between the first-person sections are numerous cutscenes filled with quick-tim
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