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A variety of minigames set you loose in undeveloped enclosures in search of precious goods. You may have to unearth specific fossils or reel in exotic fish, all while a clock ticks down to the end of this excursion. Your reward? Medals. This is the only currency accepted on the island. New items are on sale every day in the store, and you can nab yourself nautical shirts and flip-flops, a shiny silver axe, or even a wetsuit. Scuba gear lets you explore the shallow waters near shore. Diving for sea anemone is a neat idea, but you move so sluggishly underwater that there's not much fun in the hunt. Plus, reselling most of these creatures nets only a small profit, so there's little reason to voyage back to the sea once your museum is stocked. A limited-yet-rechargeable power supply that ties in to your weapons and abilities keeps the balance of power in check. If you fire too frequently or use other abilities in tandem with your guns haphazardly, you rapidly deplete your reserves and have to wait until they recharge. This adds tension to most combat situations, since you often run out of juice while battling in close quarters. This balance is necessary early on; however, it works against you in the game's larger, tougher confrontations that throw massive swarms of foes at you. Frequent checkpoints and quick saves help counter most of this frustration, though some stretches are particularly brutal. The fact that these killer areas are sometimes sandwiched between quieter zones offers some relief, but they tend to blindside you as a result. Multiplayer could and should be the saving grace. It is at the heart of the entire Call of Duty experience, and the option here does provide a lot of the depth seen in the console games when it comes to classes, earning experience, and acquiring new gear. But it still doesn't work, due to some questionable design decisions. The biggest issue is the scale of battle. Maps in all of the modes of play (a healthy selection of games includes Team Deathmatch, Free for All, Kill Confirmed, and Everly Brothers Songbook Pdf Zone) are absurdly cramped, even for the maximum number of eight players that can take part in matches. Things are so crammed together that players spawn right in the middle of the action, making games little more than pure mayhem devoid of strategy. Luck is a major factor in winning or losing a multiplayer match. Why can battles be monotonous? It comes down to The Bureau's very blueprint for battle, which has you slowing down the action to a snail's pace so you can issue specific orders to your squad in addition to performing your own special powers. The idea here was to translate turn-based combat into a shooter milieu, but when the mission gets tough, the stop-and-go pacing gets disruptive. Your vulnerable squadmates are dunderheads, thinking nothing of stepping on a mine or into heavy fire, and forcing you to carefully plot their every move during the most challenging battles. Combat gets especially cumbersome when squad members start going down; a single felled soldier can initiate a tedious resurrection loop with you and squadmates reviving each other over and over again rather than doing the fun stuff. Like any given modern-day shooter, The Devil's Cartel fights repetition with occasional set piece sequences, putting you in charge of a helicopter's mounted guns, or behind the wheel of a coasting vehicle. The game ultimately loses this battle against monotony, though such set pieces provide the best moments, letting you momentarily revel in vehicular explosions and enjoy tearing apart the destructible environments that contain you. In many of these moments, you and your partner split up, one of you driving and the other gunning, for instance, or perhaps one of you charging through a small army while the other showers death from the sky. But for the most part, the game handles cooperative play in the most unimaginative way possible: by putting two people in the same place an
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