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At least, that's the case for the first few levels of the game. Overall, ArchLord is the kind of game where you need to grind creatures for hours and hours in order to advance. These new professions are fun to play, yet the three day preview raised more questions than it answered. With the recent release of Factions and its two extra professions, one can only wonder if releasing the Nightfall add-on so soon is a good idea. I'm not even going to think about the marketing implications and in stead point at class balance. With such an active PvP community, Guild Wars developers are bound to keep character innovations within reasonable boundaries. When they throw at players too many classes, too soon, it all goes bad. As a fact, hardcore albeit professional GW players will not embrace new classes that fast into their championship builds. Previous intensive testing is first required. Stats and dependencies will keep you busy for a long time wondering which path is best suited for you current goals. Strength increases melee damage and how much you can carry, agility improves the chance to dodge a melee attack, stamina gives hit points, intelligence increases spell damage and maximum power (mana) and wisdom deal with spell resistance. Primary stats increase with levels, by a standard amount depending on class. Beside the governing attributes we have attack and run speed, melee attack power, avoidance, and mitigation - a damage resistance statistic. As well as spell resistances, they can be increased either by constantly using their appropriate skills or with new and more powerful items. will soon become clear, when you find yourself firing a sub machine gun at the approaching bomber. Have no fear though; there are plenty of ways to cut down to size such enemies, including your own airplanes, man-handled anti air guns or tanks. This time maps are large, allowing every member of the team to mount a vehicle and start the fight in what is a king of the hill scenario. Small camps are
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