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Fatshark's plans to roll out additional modes and updates will eventually beef up the content available for you to chew through, but even right now this is a satisfying multiplayer experience. Your allies blunder around, shoving you out of cover or just standing in full view of enemy fire. Your foes don't fare much better as they stream in from obvious spawn points and run to different parts of the map without any apparent tactics or self-preservation instincts. In many situations, they just keep coming until you reach some arbitrary body count threshold. This forced repetition, along with the tinny sound effects, makes you feel like you're in a cheap shooting gallery. If you've never played a MOBA, Awesomenauts is a great place to start. Grab some friends, take the time to study up on your favorite characters, and you'll have a blast. MOBA pros may enjoy the fresh perspective and the quirky characters too. With more heroes on the way, and a passionate community of fans, Awesomenauts looks like it could get more awesome with time. For just $10, Awesomenauts is a great value, offering a deep, rewarding, and approachable competitive battleground. Babel Rising tells that story in a more interactive form. You assume the role of God, and your job is to prevent the humans from constructing the famous tower. You're not ready to scramble brains just yet, though. Instead, you punish as many workers as possible, frying them with electrical bolts, blowing them every which way with howling winds, toasting them with fire, and drowning them in massive floods. Clearly, the game's developers took some liberties with the original story. But this variety and creativity dissipate too soon, and as the game approaches its conclusion, it leans increasingly heavily on its dull combat. Even Kat seems to get tired of it after a while. On one mission, you help a scientist place a sensor; nevi attack; you place another sensor, more nevi attack; the scientist tells you he fo
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