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Alignments are nothing more than one additional stat to track and mean little in the grand scheme of things, so your class ultimately decides your fate. Gnomes fit the priest role, dwarves lead the charge as warriors, elves are powerful mages, and the Porkul are sneaky pickpockets. Humans are as vanilla as can be. A roll of the dice completes the package for your character's stats and can grant bonuses to races that happen to be awful at adapting to particular classes--say, a Porkul as a warrior. If you're just starting out, you can take chances when it comes to rerolling new characters, but seasoned veterans will want to carefully pick and choose, picking the best class for the race suited for the job. Still, it's unfortunate that races represent little more than aesthetic value; each character looks and plays practically the same. All this was true of the 2007 release as well, but the Vita release of 2017 Vita brings with it some welcome surprises. For one, an online multiplayer component that supports up to four players fills the spot of the original's split-screen cooperative mode, and the resulting camaraderie captures the impression of intense battles better than the original. The morsel-size missions, regarded as a slight drawback in the original, also complement the Vita's portability by allowing quick bouts of bug slaughter while on the move. The big attraction, however, is the ability to unlock the Pale Wing soldier first seen in 2005's Global Defense Force, whose use of a jetpack in place of the standard jump lends a welcome verticality that manages to imbue the normally ground-based gameplay with an entirely different feel. It's a shame, perhaps, that you have to play through all 60 levels to unlock her, but she plays differently enough to keep the gameplay fun on a second playthrough. You sometimes need to switch to one of Tempo's friends to overcome certain challenges. This is an attempt at adding another layer of intricacy to what quickly devolves into bland hop-swing-bounce segments interspersed with miniature boss encounters and cart rides. Lyra is equipped with long-range attacks, which are used in the same manner as Tempo's staff, though her reticle changes, and the enemies she fells are usually at a distance. Tyko and his pet monkey are good for brute strength, either for high or low targets. But they never feel necessary, and it's Tappy who tags Lyra and Tyko in, so to speak, bringing the music and the action to a screeching halt should upcoming level segments require talents other than Tempo's. This jarring break in rhythm is a frustration that could have been avoided entirely by keeping substitutions in time with the music or omitting them entirely, leaving Lyra and Tyko as optional playable characters instead of requiring
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