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The sequel doesn't stray far from the path set out by its predecessor in that regard and offers even more blood-soaked two-dimensional carnage. While certain refinements have been made, they are accompanied by puzzling sacrifices that were less necessary. Shank 2's moment-to-moment gameplay may be improved, but the whole is less than the sum of its parts. These snippets are automatically triggered as you progress, and their delivery is excellent. The lyrical prose blends exposition with poetry, and the articulate delivery injects hints of frustration and melancholy. Together, they form a consistent tone as somber and beautiful as the island itself. Dear Esther's visual update renders it almost unrecognizable from what it was four years ago. While the setting is realistic, Dear Esther plays with light and color in a way that makes each section feel distinct and, at times, otherworldly. The Earth has been in a rough spot for quite some time in Sam Stone's world, though BFE actually takes place before Serious Sam: The First Encounter. The place in the timeline hardly matters, however, because Sam's objectives to locate downed crewmembers or gain entry to underground temples merely serve as waypoints on his ceaseless crusade to destroy the invading aliens. In previous games, Sam's brash attitude provided some amusement along the way, but his hypermasculine wisecracks come off as trite and predictable in Serious Sam 3. Consistently flat lighting, a carryover of PlayStation 2 technology, doesn't do the setting any favors either. However, the few, though significant, blemishes are the menus and certain cinematic scenes. Outside of the purely serviceable title menu, the rest of the collection's menus are a bit off. In contrast to the crisp action, the menus look blurry and smoothed over. Some cinematic scenes, such as the thrilling opening to Devil May Cry 3, suffer from so much aliasing that they look only marginally better than their PS2 originals. Thankfully, Shank's methods for dealing death have been enhanced since his first outing. Light, heavy, and ranged
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