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You push forward carefully, occasionally forced to remain still lest you draw a xenomorph's attention with the sound of your sloshing. A creature--or several--might stride right up to you, stare you down, and then return to a resting state before you are safe to continue. Eventually you must weld doors shut behind you to escape a pursuing alien's clutches, which infuses the level with a sense of fear and uncertainty. It's a clever, menacing sequence that puts you on the defensive. Some choices can even offer multiple benefits. By far the most lucrative are the connections with non-player characters, called "social links." By forming friendships and support networks with various characters, you create powerful personas to use during combat. (Some social links, such as those with your party members, also offer additional combat benefits and skills.) Thus, choosing how to spend your limited time each day becomes an additional challenge with its own risks and rewards. If you feel indecisive, an in-game feature lets you connect to an online database to see how other players chose to spend that day. When you encounter a foe, the screen switches to a tactical map where units are moved around in chesslike fashion and given attack orders. A range of units are available, going from melee warriors best at close range to forces with ranged attacks. Most come with special abilities earned over time as they level up. Magic is a huge part of combat as well; your sovereign and other recruited heroes can be trained with formidable spellcasting skills. Nothing beats having a mage in the back row ripping off fireballs or healing your front grunts. You can even customize unit loadouts in towns to make for personalized armies. The vital suit mechs are gone from the campaign, though you do get a new toy to commandeer: a mining mech called the rig, which does a surprisingly good job of defending you from the local fauna. The rig isn't an offensive powerhouse, but there are numerous "hell yeah" moments that make you thankful for its protective housing. In the rig, you can grasp smaller akrid with its claw and drill them to death, watching t-energy splash all over the windshield. Facing a larger alien in the rig results in a rhythmic dance culminating in a scripted event in which you raise up the akrid's limb and drill into its tender joints. Taking a backseat to the gory action, the story unfolds in brief flashback vignettes that offer just enough backstory to give the excessive brutality a bit more purpose. A gritty hand-drawn art style also boosts the punker vibe and helps drive home the demented humor woven throughout the cartoonish mayhem. From gutting hippies in a massive psychedelic-fueled woodland massacre to fending off droves of demon-girl hallucinations in a dank mental hospital, the inventive settings and unsettling situations you encounter as you push further onward do a good job of counteracting the repetitive nature of the arcade brawling. Why would anyone mourn the death of a clone? Replicated humans are as disposable as toilet paper, after all, and only slightly more sanitary. No one would weep if a clone were to be executed by robotic sentries or crushed between moving walls. Heck, you wouldn't even be able to tell which clone met its untimely end; they all look alike. But if you had the same DNA as everyone you knew and found yourself trapped in a sadistic obstacle course, you sure would care about your own life. Stealth Inc: A Clone in the Dark follows an individual searching for freedom, and delivers an unnerving 2D puzzle-platforming adventure. On the surface, then, subtlety and sophistication aren't Mortal Kombat's strong points, but spend some time diving into the underlying mechanics and it soon becomes clear there's a lot of depth to its combat. For example, you can integrate X-Ray moves into your existing combos--nothing screams pro more than launching your opponents into the air, landing a combo, and then, while they're completely helpless, smashing their skull
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