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Now, it is the capital city of Thua Thien-Hue province. In the Vietnam War (1961 - 1975), Hue's central position placed it very near the border between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. The city was located in the South. In the Tet Offensive, the city suffered considerable damage as well as the now infamous "massacre at Hue". What I found really useful was the fact that your club may be contacted by an impresario to offer the services of the player/players he represents. This option is missing form Football Manager, thus making it much harder to make transfers. However, do net let this fool you. There are great chances the board will refuse your transfers. After you fried your brains trying to find a way to convince a club or impresario to leave your puny budget alive and kicking, you may fry your brains even furthers watching the ease with which your club account was blocked by some unseen, arrogant board. It is outrageous. And if it isn't the board, it is that God-forsaken green card. Forget about transfers. Love your club as it is. And do not worry if you lose. For some odd reason the club executives will continue to show their appreciation. It does not matter your best players left because they were underpaid, neither the fact you lost five matches in a row. This is my favorite chapter of a review, because I get to use a lot of fancy words and technical expressions of which I don't have a clue to what they mean. I'm kidding of course (or am I not?), so when I say it doesn't take a lot of resources you should believe me. The game runs pretty smoothly on an average configuration mainly because there is a pixel shader option which comes in quite handy. A lot of people have reported tons of bugs and I have to say that - despite EA's reputation of making bad games - the stability of those games has never been in question. I wish I could rally to those complaints but I haven't had a single problem with it. Well, there is one, but it has nothing to do with the gameplay: the game refuses to exit and I'm forced to open the task manager to close it. Other than that, I fo
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