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secrets of yantra mantra and tantra
You also get the chance to place guns on your ship, align them, and improve the pieces constructing your ship for the purposes of armor or balance. As you win battles, you unlock new guns, new ship parts, and more-complicated enemies to destroy, albeit at a painstakingly slow pace. Levels are challenging, but the lack of direct control and the many seemingly random factors (how your ship's physics behave in response to a stimulus, for example) mean that a good portion of success is dependent on luck. The moves come in sets of three and sometimes come at you very quickly, so just taking note of what you need to do and then doing it along with the rhythm gets tricky. Making matters trickier still is the fact that your Mii sometimes gets spun around by the dance instructor, which encourages you to shift your gaze between the tablet and the TV. It's easier to mimic dance moves when you're viewing your Mii from behind; if he or she is facing you, you have to flip everything around in your brain, which is difficult when things are moving quickly. Secrets Of Yantra Mantra And Tantra Secrets Of Yantra Mantra And Tantra is rather simple, but it's nonetheless a fast-paced and fun test of skill that makes interesting use of the Wii U's capacity to show you different things on the tablet and the television. Those are the best of the bunch, though. Take Monkey Rodeo, an infuriating game where you have to collect bananas by bouncing ball-riding monkeys around with the rear touch pad. It's nigh on impossible to control your monkey and earn points, and the overly aggressive AI relentlessly smashes into you. There's the sluggish Battle Secrets Of Yantra Mantra And Tantra too, which, despite the injection of monkeys in balls, fails to make playing billiards at all exciting. But the very worst of the lot is Secrets Of Yantra Mantra And Tantra Hunt. Here, you're asked to use the Vita's camera to take photos of objects that match the colour of the reticle and…that's it. That's the whole game. The fact that someone, somewhere, at some stage in this game's development thought that was entertaining is maddening. It's impossible to play NBA 2K13 without coming away for a renewed appreciation for pro hoops. Even if you might not be a big basketball fan, you need to check this one out. For starters, you need to see what you're missing. And second, you need to see just how much other sports games are lagging behind this absolutely brilliant piece of work, that absolutely nails the pace and feel of big-time b-ball. You couldn't get closer to the real game if you had Spike Lee's seats at MSG. The labyrinthine interface, lack of tutorials, and obnoxious Jay-Z production form a barrier when first warming up to the game, but the enhanced right-stick controls, depth, and sheer realism of everything will hook you after logging a couple of hours on the hardwood. Instead of being made up of enjoyable traversal and exploration, the majority of Hell Yeah features by-rote stretches that pad the overall length until you face the next of your many antagonists. It's when you square off against your 100 most hated enemies that Hell Yeah reveals its true colors, and, sadly, it's also when this adventure is at its weakest. Each of these creatures has a name and a backstory, and you frequently trade barbs before a fight. But don't think that all of that buildup translates to an engrossing fight. Instead, you can dodge and counterattack against most of these enemies and come out on top in about five seconds. Your impressive arsenal is laughably large, considering how rarely you have to switch to a different gun. Then there's the option to use either gyro controls or circle pad controls. The latter sees you directing your player from a bird's-eye perspective, whereas the gyro controls angle the camera over your shoulder and have you directing your shots by tilting the 3DS around. This is another convoluted aspect of Mario Tennis. If you opt to turn gyro controls on, the game takes control of your player, direc
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