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But it takes forever to get anywhere. Cars and weapons have to be built one part at a time, and you generally collect no more than one or two parts per race toward some piece of hardware that needs 15 or 25 or more parts to be fully assembled. You'll be racing a good long while before you're driving the souped-up Wraith or Interceptor, for instance. Even then, Panic in Paradise suffers from an annoying tendency to crash at the most inopportune moments, such as when you've spent 30 minutes completing all the secondary objectives and nabbing every costume in one of the larger levels. After the crash, you have no choice but to start all over, which can be a pain since getting the most out of every level entails tackling at least three secondary objectives and bashing all the scenery for extra gold. If that's not bad enough, the bears themselves tend to die too soon, particularly if you accidentally spook them into committing suicide by running into the ubiquitous cacti when the level requires you to shove them into an interdimensional portal instead. Worst of all, Naughty sometimes gets stuck in his attack animations, and you're powerless until his deathblow decides to come down several minutes later. Despite the killer robots, masked megalomaniacs, and evil scientists in Professor Layton's universe, there's something endearing about a place in which all problems can be solved with a puzzle. If solving a riddle could defuse any situation, the world might very well be a better place. This kind of whimsical concept, coupled with a charming plot, is one of the largest appeals of the Layton games. And thankfully, that charm remains intact in Professor Layton & The Miracle Mask. The series' shift to 3DS has allowed developer Level-5 to revitalise the top hat-wearing hero, casting him in a bewitching new outing that makes fantastic use of the 3DS hardware with clever, rewarding puzzles and imaginative visuals. Miracle Mask is Layton at his intellectual best, and this thrilling adventure proves that he still has what it takes to crack the toughest of cases. Equipment is just the tip of the iceberg: gaining levels earns points that can be spent on various enhancements, some of which can carry over should you elect to swap a character's class. If you're willing to put in the effort, you can build a very powerful character to your personal specifications. After a certain point in the story, you can even make custom characters from scratch, defining everything from their starting class to their special abilities. You can even create and edit custom sprites and animations for your characters, though this is easier said than done--the in-game sprite editor's interface is confusing and cumbersome, and while you
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