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Post date: Apr 3 2015
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plextor px-716uf driver
photos, messages, videos, games, emails, etc.) on the screen of your mobile device by revolutionizing the way we interact with each other something that has not been possible until now. SnapKeys Si is the only onscreen keyboard that lets you view your entire screen while typing faster and more comfortably than any other keyboard. Use Si to better socialize: with only 4 keys! You can see faces when using Facebook, you can see Pictures when typing comments on Instagram, you can see your whole conversation while typing with WhatsApp, you can see other tweets while using Twitter, you can comment on videos while watching them when on YouTube. SnapKeys enables lively, interactive, and social conversations on your smartphone without a full sized onscreen keyboard blocking your screen.TYPE FASTER: With only 4 keys, each having 3 letters, and a unique word prediction technology, users can pick up the system in a matter of minutes. SnapKeys Si brings to life a fun, cool way to communicate with friends and across social networks. SI IS INTELLIGENT: SnapKeys Si learns your style of typing from your social media channels, SMS and emailing platforms (this feature will be available soon). It quickly incorporates names and other proper nouns into its predictive text technology, and users can also manually add words to the keyboards dictionary.FREE: This version is free for use - no license fee; an updated version will be rolled out in a timely manner. Terms and conditions may vary.NOTE: SnapKeys Si is compatible with many applications. Please let us know which of your favorite applications you would like to work with SnapKeys Si: support@snapkeys.com Please give us a moment of your time to Rate our App, we do appreciate it!SnapKeys is copyrighted. The technology is protected by a strong portfolio of patents.For questions and a How-To of SnapKeys Si, see our FAQ (snapkeys.com/technology/faq)Supported languages:EnglishSpanish, French, German, Italian (available soon)We are continuously working to extend our Language list and look forward to providing many more languages in the future. Please let us know which languages you would like by emailing us at languages@snapkeys.comFollow us on Plextor Px-716uf Driver at twitter.com/snapkeysLike us on Plextor Px-716uf Driver at www.facebook.com/snapkeysVisit our website at www.snapkeys.com Email us at support@snapkeys.com We recommend that you view SnapKeys Privacy Policy here: snapkeys.com/privacyYou can find our End-User License Agreement at: snapkeys.com/eulaYou can find our Terms and Condition of use for our online services at: snapkeys.com/termsRecent changes:What's New:Feature Changes:1. Added Spanish language.2. More accurate word prediction.3. Easier entry of passwords.4. No grabbing o
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