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The fireflower also works more as a deterrent than a formidable attack. This lets you quickly launch fireballs that don't do much damage but allow you to gain a bit of breathing room when someone comes too close. These are great additions to the franchise because they help shift the balance away from items and back to racing. However, the blue shell is still overpowered. There's almost no way to avoid this first-place-seeking missile, so it can feel cheap when you're blasted off the road with no chance to escape from it. Still, these moments are rare enough that things don't feel unfair. Next, it's time for the Sexy Kitten Yarngasm. This event puts you in control of a massive ball of yarn, called Yarnie, which you roll around the streets of Steelport, leaving destruction in your wake. To succeed, you must cause a certain amount of damage within a set amount of time. It's exactly like the Tank Mayhem events of Saints Row: The Third, only you crush vehicles by rolling over them with a huge sphere instead of blasting them with the tremendous firepower of a tank. For completing Sexy Kitten Yarngasm, you're awarded Yarnie as a vehicle, and it makes a humorous addition to your garage that you might enjoy taking for a spin once in a while just for the comic novelty of seeing a huge ball of yarn roll down the streets. But the event itself overstays its welcome. It's cathartic for a short while to roll over things and make them go boom, but that's all there is to Sexy Kitten Yarngasm; meeting your destructive goal isn't challenging in the least, so there's no sense of accomplishment to make that destruction rewarding. Genesis' strongest elements come to the forefront in stand-alone skirmishes against other players and the AI. There are concepts here never explored in the campaign. You must purchase certain moves, such as the assassin's ability to automatically execute enemy units that come near or the spy's secret agreement skill. You win by accruing prestige points, which are earned by forging alliances and performing other tasks, and pulling off some of these tasks can make you feel deliciously devious. Using an assassin to eliminate an opponent's noble lady not only breaks a blood pact, but it's also accompanied by the assassin's wonderful and insincere "I'm so sorry" line. Infiltrating an enemy's feudal home with a spy so that the next unit he produces is a turncoat can make you feel like you got away with murder, but without shedding a single drop of blood. This is where you see what A Game of Thrones: Genesis might have been: a complex strategy game that prizes deceit over full-on fighting--or at least, until one house declares war. Global leaderboards let you compare your score against others on Xbox Live, sorted by your chosen difficulty level. Scores from people on your friends list also appear within menus, enticing you to better them. The new Crew Challenge career mode takes things further and even includes a narrative to follow--albeit a rather silly one. You play as an up-and-coming dancer who is eager to earn the respect of various crews that are headed up by impossibly stylish, perfectly toned, and talented dancers. Though the avatars that represent the dancers are a little too perfect--the blond locks and incessant grin of surfer Bodie being the most grating--they fit within the flashy style of the game. You earn the respect of a crew by performing a dance with it. If you earn enough stars, you can take on
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