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Post date: Nov 18 2012
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Unfortunately, Firefly used only some of the ideas implemented in the past and didn't come with anything new besides a full 3D perspective. I'm not accusing them of cloning any existent games and as I said many times before, it's not a shame to use a proven recipe, but come on people, use your imagination. There's quite a set of enemies, each with their looks, sounds, but equally dangerous. There are significant improvements if you compare this game to the 2.0 version and the levels look better and have better colors. Do cutscenes exist in Mario? Yes and no, because the story is told through a screen filled with clouds and text followed by a short funny animation. You'll hear no one complaining about this, when the hero plumber collects his mushrooms reminding us all of the childhood days. Fortunately, the three heroes not only worked on their intellectual capabilities but also trained in some combat techniques. Bela mastered the all mighty long range bow and is even capable of influencing the archery skills of those around him. Stina, the beautiful blonde Swedish goddess, has a way with animals, while Cole is unbeatable in two weapons (swords) fighting. Along the way our heroes also meet other unique characters that join their just cause or that are in need of their help. Great designed characters and beasts can be found all through the land. Some will prove to be your allies and some your foes. The Nazgul will make your acquaintance too. The dark wonderers will show off on their black beasts and eventually become your ultimate enemies. While there's not much blood spilled during the battles, the combat moves and spell animations make up just dandy for that. In a few words - LOTRO comes with a visual aspect unmatched even by some modest solo playing RPGs. Being mainly a children's game there is nothing really magnificent about the graphics, yet it looks appealing. It is all about combining realistic looking landscapes with LEGO blocks (the mechanical devices, enemies and a little bit of your hero as well). Cool looking effects were used for blasting evil. Additionally, funny cinematic moments are used to specify the goal of the given map as well as provide you with relaxing videos of the actions (and disassemble) of the villainous Piraka. In this case, we can't really talk about an epic tale of bravery and adventure in some faraway land and to be franc no self respecting city builder had one. In this particular case, we take the roll of a Quaestor. I don't think they read too m
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