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Careful diplomacy is necessary to successfully navigate the potential minefield of political opponents and also prevent any one nation from gaining too much influence in the World Congress. Still, if you're too aggressive, you're likely to draw the attention and ire of other civs who will actively aim to cripple your civilization through embargoes, sanctions, or any number of other political actions. Victory is much harder and requires more careful management of the image of your civ and its place in the world. In Echelon, you take on waves of enemies, sometimes defending an objective or taking out a tough mech target. Clearly calibrated for teams of leveled-up characters, Echelon mode is a death sentence for the solo player, even a maxed-out one. As you use each character in your roster, they get stronger and unlock new skills and attribute bonuses (AI companions level up as well, albeit more slowly). Along with the purchasable team boosts, these improvements can make a big difference in Echelon attempts. It's a mode targeted at players who have played a significant amount of the campaign, and who can use team tactics to survive against tough odds. Renaissance Heroes is fun, but it's simple fun that gains most of its strength from its unusual aesthetic. Strip it of that, and it feels like any given arena FPS from the 1990s. But if you're just looking for a simple, fun twitch-based shooter with just enough thematic differences to distinguish it from its countless contemporary military counterparts, you'll find it does its job well enough to warrant a download. Whether or not you stick around will depend on your tolerance for a balancing mechanic that turns sorry players into gods and a cash shop that grants in-game bonuses--however small--to players willing to fork out the cash for them. Creating score chain combos by collecting groups of five blue orbs in rapid succession is just as important as plowing through stages with raw speed. Grabbing every score-boosting item you can, stringing combos together, and avoiding death become obsessive pursuits that eventually spur you to bail on a botched run the second things go bad. Merely getting to the end of each stage
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