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The date does not matter and the place is not important. All the characters of the game care for is what the war brings for them. And soon, the player finds himself taken in by the nice, light yet interesting story that Bad Company manages to weave from such lowly materials as few characters, a lot of things going “Boom!” and some gold. Altair's actions are divided into "do-s" and "don't-s", according to the various social rules you'll have to follow. For example, climbing walls in the middle of a crowded city street is not socially acceptable and every bystander will stop and gaze at you, attracting the attention of the nearby soldiers. You can use the Y button to observe the surrounding environment at any time and this feature comes in handy, especially when you're looking for your next victim or a new landmark. All the original voices were used in the game, as it?s got the movie?s license, which is used pretty wisely. Donkey is the heart and soul of the adventure, Shrek is an ? ogre, the narrator creates a great storytelling atmosphere and Charming is? pathetic as usual. Other than that, the soundtrack is brilliant, featuring the original songs, plus a few more to get you in the groove. You?ll hear a lot of growls, smashes, meows and the usual sounds one can hear in a typical Shrek fight. You'll adore Burnout Dominator if you've never played a game pertaining to the Burnout series before and you'll like it even if you've played all the prequels in this car-wrecking saga. Pure destruction and car parts flying everywhere, that's what you'll see throughout this title. Adrenaline increases at the same time with the burnouts as you'll reach high speeds in no time and every impact will become an event that seems to be taken out of a car-bullet time sequence in The Matrix. About 25 square miles of London were more or less faithfully recreated for the first game (if you can ignore the fact that most buildings look like cardboard cut outs), and 17 new locations have been added with the sequel, including rooftops and portions of the tube (subway). The main problem is that, apart from the Russian gangsters that seem to populate every street of London, the whole city just doesn't feel alive, but considering the scope of the game, that's hardly a surprise. Only the basic attacks are available from the very beginning, but as you progress, you can upgrade them and acquire new combos and special abilities by spending the experience points you get from killing enemies. You can multiply these points by stringing together higher and higher combos and by finishing your opponent with a bloody Fatality. A nice touch is that taking a hit does not reset the hit multiplier, only delay your next attack, making the system a little more "forgiving". The GoldenEye plot is strangely similar to those seen in a number of modern shooters but the James Bond touch means that it is both more stylish and more gruesome. This means little to the video game medium, where the way the character interacts with the world is reduced to a number of guns and a smartphone but it’s still nice to see the game visit all the locations of the movie and try and create some realistic take on such impressive vistas as the hydroelectric dam in Arkhangelsk. Guitar Hero has become a modern rockin' phenomenon just like Woodstock, Rock Am Ring or.... Tenacious D. Even if it's not a band, an event or a new Metallica album, the game is still a media product that can turn into a rocker's hobby or a pop fan's favorite pastime. We're 3 days away from the official US launch and almost a month away from the European release and it's time for a close look at the title, that gravitates around major industry players like Activision and Neversoft. There?s a grab button (the circle), that can prove to be quite useless, unless you?re close to the enemy and he?s not attacking. Jack will also parry attacks, when you press the L1 button and you can keep it pressed throughout the game, as it helps during combat, a lot. At some points in the game, you?ll interact with the surrounding environment, by breaking tables, cutting ropes, moving chains, cutting trees or by dodging an enemy hit that sends your foes o
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