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Post date: Sep 22 2010
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rm-ax4000 driver
If you're familiar at all with the decapitations and vivisections that made the first two Omen movies so striking back in the '70s, you'll know exactly what sort of Grand Guignol atmosphere that developer Shiver Games is going for here. Most of the game is creepy and understated, with Lucius haunting the halls of the old mansion, sometimes with just a flashlight to guide his way. A barely there B-movie script and mechanical voice acting make it tough to take the story seriously, but the kills make a real impression as they splash onto the screen with showers of blood and body parts. The game strikes a good balance between chills and gore that any fan of horror movies will appreciate. These problems are a shame, considering the possibilities. The game puts an intriguing spin on events you might have already witnessed in previous Resident Evil games. You're a member of Umbrella Security Services' special Wolfpack team in the infamous Raccoon City, where the T-virus has turned the population into voracious zombies, and mutant dogs lurk in shadows, ready to ravage the defenseless. From this new perspective, you face a glowering Nicholai Zinoviev and watch Ada Wong wilt in Leon Kennedy's arms. You infiltrate storied locations like the Raccoon City police department, and fight off zombies in front of the Kendo Gun Shop. Some of these regions are legitimately atmospheric: city streets are awash in a neon red glow, and ominous-looking equipment hints at the atrocities that occurred within Umbrella's underground laboratory. Damage Inc. is pitched as a flight simulator meets arcade shooter, but it doesn't succeed as either. Playing in Simulation mode places you directly in the cockpit, with a limited view of the theatre of war. But because the gravity-defying rolls and manoeuvres you perform totally remove any aspect of realism, it's an unnecessary addition. Playing in Arcade mode with the camera behind the plane is hardly a heart-pounding, enthralling experience either, and the slow, stilted dogfights do little to improve matters. Watching a pilot bail out as his aircraft is destroyed is satisfying the first few times, but it quickly becomes boring and repetitive. The game does have its own slow-motion, bullet-time mode named Reflex, but the fact that it's unlimited saps all the joy out of using it as you cruise through whole missions with little effort. If you want to conquer Neon, you need to spend a lot of time punching fools, but just having fun doesn't take any investment. The over-the-top atmosphere not only taps into your happy memories, but introduces a layer of ridiculousness that wasn't present in the original game. Billy and Jimmy Lee are unabashedly bro, and they wear that distinction with style. They dole out manly high fives, shout outdated catchphrases like they mean them ("Tubular!"), and wear skin-tight T-shirts that accentuate their PED-defined abs. When Jimmy smacks a goon with a baseball bat, he shouts "Touchdown!" without the slightest hint of irony. Neon is consistently funny and doesn't shy away from crazy situations. From a helicopter that hovers upside down, to the weaker enemies referred to as "cartwheeling cannon fodder," Neon is happy to make fun of itself. All of this seems tightly structured, but Spelunky gives you plenty of flexibility to venture forth as you see fit. Arrive at the shopkeeper without a nickel to your name, and you could walk away empty-handed, like a model citizen would. Or you could rob the entrepreneur. Be careful, because he's as quick with a shotgun as he is to anger, but best him in a killing match, and you reap massive benefits. Or maybe the path to the door is populated by too many baddies to make it worth your
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