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Post date: Jan 2 2014
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senao eub - 362 ext driver
We have to realize that the game industry has changed and not entirely in a good way. There a lot more games produced than 10 years ago, but most of them lack the proper quality, being in most cases just a commercial excuse and not a form of entertainment. This is how FPS's used to be, not like Half-Life 2, Fear, Far-Cry or Quake 4. They used to be fun and most of the players today can't remember this mainly because they don't remember things from kindergarten. I'm not trying to be mean with the young gamers and especially not patronizing, but they don't have a base of reference when it comes to quality games. The entire demo seems like a d?j?-vu from the days gone by. Some of you could think I am a little too melancholic for my own good and that it affects my objectivity, but playing a game like Senao Eub - 362 Ext Driver is an opportunity that comes once in a few years. Aside from the usual get all the provinces around freely (as fast as your military strength allows it) there will be some missions in store for you in the Campaign. These are provided by your very own Council of Nobles or the Pope (if you play a catholic nation). As your cities are eligible to construct guilds later in game these will also come up with a few ideas for missions. The missions are intended to keep you on a certain trail and pretty much offer you a good guidance of what you should accomplish to get the craved honor of Ruler of the World. At first you are commissioned to conquer nearby settlements or block hostile ports. The Pope asks you to widen the borders of Catholicism by creating Priests in most of the newly conquered cities or by engaging on holy Crusades. Great rewards await for you if the mission succeeds. You can get money out of it or even military units, not to mention a brand new province in case you were to subjugate a nearby settlement. If you do a good job you can even get presents from time to time and if you please His Eminence he might even bow his ears to your desire of setting off on a new target for a Crusade. The fate of a battle also relies on the experience of the commander in charge and killing the enemy leader (or Heavens forbid loose your own) has a huge impact on the troops' morale. Once the battle is won and the enemy acknowledges his defeat you have the option of hunting down as many of the remaining units as you wish or just let them flee which in turns will earn you a good number of captives that you can release, execute or ask for ransom in exchange for their freedom. All your actions can get your characters different retinues. A commander that liberated some captives w
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