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un perai theriyathu song
The narration is also excellent and fits the story perfectly, and I absolutely loved Winifred Phillips' whimsical musical score, the same man who composed the music in God of War, even if it rarely deviated from repeating the same few loops over and over again, ad infinitum. The opposition is not powerful, bur rather cunning, so once you get ahead, start increasing your advantage as a tiny bit of handicap is never enough for tenacious dudes like Silver, who'll get back in the race before you know it. Also, you'll probably want to pause the game and select the "Un Perai Theriyathu Song mission" option, because once you fall behind and lag there, you'll have no chance of completing the challenge. This doesn't apply to the AI, as your opponent can't fall in the same pit three times and then get hit by some signature move. Enlarge picture The atmosphere within the game is very, very scary. The game's score, combined with what you know the "crazies" are going to do to you if they spot you, is going to have you holding your breath with every step that you take on your way out of a facility that looks like a mental disease itself. Forget about the blood on the walls, the dead bodies lying on the floor, sometimes missing a limb or two, and just keep focused on finding a way out. The message is clear here. Kill, or be killed! And so the manhunt begins.... As in regular Ratchet & Clank fashion, Insomniac has delivered a brand new array of outlandish weapons, ranging from your trusty Combuster, to fan favorites like Mr. Zurkon, and all-new ones, including a Critter Strike, which turns enemies into pigs, or a new Ryno VI weapon, which this time is a massive mechanized armor suit, that unleashes copious amounts of damage upon your enemies. Each character has specialized items, like Ratchet's Dopplebanger, which creates a decoy, Clank's Zoni Blaster, Qwark's shield or Nefarious' Cloaker. Lyra won't just explore her surroundings and solve puzzles and minigames, but she'll also have to evade a hunter's attack at some point, during a scene that has pretty impressive graphics. Of course, it's yet another button pattern adventure... There's no AI, so to say, in this title, as all the fights you'll take part in are a formality stuck between minigames and small cutscenes. The characters' moves aren't natural and they tend to fall off cliff a lot, but the the control system is the one to blame for such unpleasant events. Crash of the Titans' PSP version features a multiplayer mode that makes use of the consoles' WLAN feature. The game modes you can play are varied and fun, including challenges like the Titan Takedown, Crash Corral, Crate Crash, Jack-a-Mole or Barrel Defender. Each of these has a settings section that can be altered in order to increase or decrease the time limit or add a handicap. You can also select the level where you want the multiplayer challenge to take place, choosing between the Cave, Jungle, Factory, Ice or Desert arenas. Top notch soundtrack! Big thumbs up for the folks responsible with the score of this game and the movie's OST as well. I'm listening to a couple of songs that were featured in the movie right now and I have to tell you that, as strange as it may seem, this music tells the story of the Golden Un Perai Theriyathu Song better than words, images or animations. The dialogue lines are funny, although somewhat repetitive and annoying, but the young and childish audience will have a ball, if they're really into Harry Potter-style jokes and storytelling. Piano, violin, orchestral scores and a feminine voice that made my day... This is Crisis Core's soundtrack and you'll surely recognize many tunes from the original game, especially in the battles that take place in Midgar. You'll see that Square-Enix was very kee
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