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Post date: Jun 21 2014
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The world's ability to react to your actions is low to inexistent. Guards treat you like a nobody (although, looking at the medieval system of social order of the game, I should have been allowed to kill on spot anyone who did not show a reasonable amount of respect towards my character). To put it simple, your actions are rarely linked to the game's story. Instead, there are two full menus with statistics about your character. Who cares about statistics, having a rank in a guild or being its master, if this has no real effect over the NPCs or the outcome of other quests? I would not make so much fuss about it, if this wasn't the very heart of any RPG. Agents are one of the greatest assets on the world map. The most basic such characters are the Priests (that spread the word of your God in the heretic lands thus giving your relation with the Pope a boost), the Merchants (that engage in resource trading that gives a bonus to the income - trading a further away resource gets more money and if it's on a territory that you already established trading rights with you'll be rich very soon - and can even buy off the business of a foreign Merchant) and the Spies (that gather all the dirty info on other characters and can infiltrate a foreign settlement to give you accurate details about troops and buildings there as well as be able to open the city gates for you in case you decide on ordering a siege on that town). There is a certain probability that any of your agents succeed in their tasks and that is always shown to you as a percentage. This figure minds the agent's skill (that may increase with each successful mission) and the nature and difficulty of his task (of course it's not the same to send an Assassin on an unskilled diplomat or send him to kill the heir of a nation). There are limitless possibilities early on, considering the skill tree has over 300 skills at the moment, and each supports training for five levels. Roughly one year ago the developers felt like players reached a certain status in both wealth and experience, that new more powerful ships were needed. So, among other less pretentious crafts, they introduced the Titan ships; state of the art, all powerful and virtually impossible to build without an alliance of corporations backing you up. Let's do some math. With the appropriate learning skills, based upon starting level character stats, one can learn the necessary skills to pilot a Titan in 418 days. You would need an additional 40 days to learn the skill itself up to level 4, since the rest were just pre requisites and a fair 200 or more days spent on additional skill improvement for equipment outfitting the ship. Big numbers? In truth you just need about half the time with the right learni
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