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Post date: May 8 2010
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Combat skills will eventually reach the 100 limit - even if they aren't major skills - but they are not much for the destructive (and crippling) power of magic. Remember that spells have no weight and weapons (even some of the best) can be conjured by any capable battle mage. But let's be serious. We are grown-up men: where are the darn murder-holes and archer/scout vantage points? How are those citadels supposed to be defended against a Daedra attack? And what's the use for the watchtowers and keeps - stashing goods? Please! I understand that that the fine detailed building interiors eat system resources like Big Mac with Coca-Cola, but the Daedra surely deserved to win the war. I cannot believe the whole "candy-eye", military abominations resembling defensive walls have been actually allowed in the game! I'll tell you why! The whole city is an indoors setting (and the walls work as borders) which has the role to keep the system requirements reasonably low as if a gazillion dollar graphic card isn't required to play the game. Probably, in a century or so (as it was the case with Morrowind) some of us will be able to play the game with a low-detail setting. Otherwise, consider your fx7800gt a low-end graphic card if you intend to squeeze some eye-candy from this bugger. We are talking SLI here, or worse! Most of the infantry units may crawl or prepare ambushes. These commands give them limited stealth abilities while reducing their line of sight. Also, most units may attack while moving. Like stealth (stealth units cannot be attacked), mobility has a great defensive value as there are only few units with the "fire and forget" ability. Stealthy or fast units are usually vulnerable to indirect fire (artillery attacks). Designating the bombardment area works similarly to the catapults in Age of Empires or the howitzers in Sudden Strike. The light armor of the ultra-fast units cannot usually withstand artillery bombardment. In Act of War, the damage and defense varies. Depending on the armor and unit type, an attacking unit can make one casualty for every shot or shoot its way into eternity without causing any noticeable damage. Unfortunately, armored vehicles do not deflect bullets, therefore you will experience the unpleasant surprise of losing M1's to poor armed infantry units just
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