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If you choose the Michael Vick-led Eagles, you can certainly scramble more than Carson Palmer and the Raiders, and having a fast running back allows for more outside runs than a slower runner, but these are small differences. The philosophical discrepancies that separate teams in the real NFL simply aren't present here. You can forgo the running game and run tight end seam routes as every team in the league, even though only the Patriots have a roster capable of such an attack in real life. Having this flexibility does make Madden 13 accessible for those who just want an exciting football game, but it also highlights how different the virtual interpretation of the sport is from the real thing. There's a sadistic joy to brutally murdering your enemies in Prototype 2. You're blessed with such a powerful repertoire that you can cause excruciating pain with ease. Although much of the excitement exists because of this savagery, your enemies are such pushovers that you rarely feel the satisfaction of a hard-fought victory. In many ways, Prototype 2 encompasses the design philosophy normally associated with quick-time events (even though that control method doesn't often surface). In other games, frequent QTEs make you feel like a badass without much work, and that sense of unlimited power is Prototype 2 in a nutshell. Your overpowered enemies keel over after barely even scratching your durable skin, so you tear them to shreds without any fear of dying. Even when you start a New Game+ on the unlockable Insane difficulty, you progress through missions without any serious opposition. And those moments of thoughtfulness are appreciated considering that most combat is quite easy. When confronted by a shark/man hybrid in the briny depths, you might be scared of this digital realization of the dreaded land shark. But a few swipes from your trusty blade later, the beast is on the ground and you're hunting for more prey. Even the gigantic bosses fail to enliven the experience. Hacking away at a giant squid is as easy as pie, even when its tentacles are sprouting up all over the battlefield. You may have to dip into your reserve of health potions occasionally, but your supply rarely drops much below your carrying limit of 20. Aside from two bosses who have instant-kill attacks, there aren't any who can do enough damage to make you shiver, and even in those fights, they telegraph their moves well in advance so you can safely move to the side before your life is in danger. And there are so many collectibles that those compelled by shiny objects can't keep themselves from scouring every unchecked cranny. Glowing orbs imbue your character with extra power. Leveling up your health, power, and magic gives you tangible rewards and makes killing enemies that much easier. These stats are the only thing you lose when you perish, and though it's a setback, it's not that big of a hurdle to overcome. Upgrade orbs are plentiful, so you can regain your might rather quickly. Other collectibles are permanent. Accessories give you new abilities, such as a double jump or a light-emitting torso, and though these additions aren't drastic, they're big enough to keep you focused. It's only after a dozen or so hours of going on the same quests with the same limited upgrades that you realize that A Valley Without Wind isn't giving adequate compensation for all your hard work. Fortunately, the action very satisfying, with a terrific sense of weight. Rok's movements might be slow, but you sense the sinews straining as he winds his arms back before bringing his mace down on an enemy's skull. Defeating basic grunts is simply a case of tapping on them and waiting
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